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Only the River Flows is a film that follows the story of a young woman named Xiaolin who lives in a small village in rural China. As the only child of her family, she must navigate the complexities of her traditional community while also pursuing her own dreams and desires.

When Xiaolin's father falls ill and her family is faced with financial struggles, she is faced with a difficult decision. Should she stay in the village and continue to fulfill her responsibilities, or should she pursue her own ambitions and break away from the expectations placed upon her? As she grapples with this choice, Xiaolin must confront the limitations of her environment and find the strength to forge her own path forward.

Through Xiaolin's journey, Only the River Flows explores themes of tradition, family, and the struggle for personal freedom. The film ultimately asks the question: Can one truly find happiness and fulfillment while also honoring their roots and the legacy of those who came before them?

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    He bian de cuo wu streaming VF

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Only the River Flows (2024)

Only the River Flows (2024) streaming VF